Yoshitomo Tsutsugo rushes after hit with pitch

  1. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo also runs 2 bases 1 goal after hitting home in 3 0 and survives the final for 2 consecutive games (basebal king) –Yahoo!Yahoo! News
  2. Pirates Tsutsugo Though he was hit by a pitch, he sprinted into home base with the next batter triple! Contribute to the winSponichi Attachment
  3. “No. 2 Right Wing” Yoshitomo Tsutsugo contributed to the victory by hitting left front in the 8th inning with 1 basehit and 1 RBI in 4 at bats.Sports Hochic
  4. Pirates Tsutsugo First strike & home-in of the final Contributed to win Commentator also praised (Sponichi Annex) –Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
  5. Pirates Tsutsugo hits the start of an 8 point attack in a strike 154 km from the left arm bounced backSponichi Attachment
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