A runner takes part in the London Marathon in Dubai Humidity for a good cause

A runner takes part in the London Marathon in Dubai Humidity A good cause

If you can’t make it, do it yourself!

A runner from Dubai took on the London Marathon pretty much from here in Dubai. The London Marathon took place this weekend and when? RAF Red Arrows Sqn Ldr Chris Newcombe couldn’t be in London for the race, he decided to tackle the Dubai heat and do it here instead.

Chris Newcombe participated to raise money for pilot Jon Egging and the Jon Egging Trust, a charity that offers training programs to help young people overcome adversity and reach their potential, learn more here. Chris battled the elements as he ran 42km in 70% humidity and 32°C though…not an easy task!

This is a huge challenge – at night it is 70% humidity at 32 degrees. Let’s hope Storm doesn’t follow Shaheen further north. We will provide updates.

Via Twitter, David Montenegro @RAFRedArrowsOC

Friends joined Chris at the end of the race to support him across the line

The Red Arrows arrived in the UAE on September 30, leaving little time to acclimatize before the run

Anyone who has tried running during the Dubai summer will tell you it’s not easy!

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