How to find white ravens in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an FPS Battle Royale game that mainly focuses on target and movement mechanics. Despite this, Apex Legends has woven some intricate lore for each character on the roster. In Season 10, Apex Legends launched a new type of event called Apex Chronicles. This event celebrates the character’s lore and allows players to understand their favorite legends on a deeper level.

The first Apex Chronicle is centered around the technological tracker, Bloodhound. Players should choose Bloodhound in an unranked game that takes place in World’s edge. To start the event, they have to look for a white raven. When interacting with it, players must follow an injured prowler to complete the challenges.

Apex Chronicles event in Apex Legends: Finding a White Raven and completing the Bloodhound quest

Apex Legends players will have to search for a white raven to activate the event. The white raven has multiple spawn locations in the southern part of the map around Lava Siphon. Upon entering the game, there will be a gold marker marked on their map which will be in Lava Siphon. Players can land there and search for a white raven. Popular dataminer Shrugtal has released a pocket guide with all of the white raven’s waypoints for the event.

Here’s a pocket guide to Old Ways, New Dawn as it goes live today. All possible raven waypoints are listed below. It’s unclear where the “start” is, so you’ll have to hunt a bit in these locations.

When interacting with the raven, players must follow a trail of yellow markers that will lead them to the wounded hunter. If someone continues to follow, they can see a popup that says “progress saved”. This allows players to continue following into the next game if they die from a team while following.

At the end of the challenge, players will encounter another white raven saying, “Did you choose Exile?” to which the Bloodhound replies “Arthur?”. Each player’s path while following will be different to avoid overlap. Some players found the second white raven near the tunnel close to Staging and others found it close to the train station east of Thermal Station.

This marks the completion of Chapter One of the Challenges. This event is split into multiple chapters and players can currently complete the prologue and chapter one. After completing all challenges, players will receive three Bloodhound Apex packs.

The Apex Legends community is speculating about the release of future Apex Chronicles in which every legend will be on the list. Despite speculation, fans will have to wait for an official statement from Respawn Entertainment.

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