How Tony Pollard Influenced the Cowboys’ Running Game

The Dallas Cowboys’ run game has taken a major shift during the first few games of this season.

Cowboys running back Tony Pollard has received more carries than he normally would.

In his first season with the team, in 2019, Pollard averaged 7.3 per game, up from 6.3 last season.

However, in the first three games of this season, Pollard has had nine runs per game, a big jump from his first two seasons.

With Pollard’s nine carries per game, he has a yards per carry of 6.8 with a 109-yard performance against the Chargers.

For the Cowboys who started running back, Ezekiel Elliott, it was a different story.

During the first three seasons of his career, he averaged between 20 and 24 carries per game.

Elliott managed to rack up two rushed titles, two Pro Bowl appearances, and one all-pro roster, along with another Pro Bowl in his fourth season.

After those first three seasons, his production began to decline.

With over 1,000 rushes in his first four seasons, it seemed to take its toll on Elliott’s body. In the 2020 season, his rushing total and yards per attempt reached a career low.

So far this season, the Cowboys starting backs have averaged 14.7 rushes per game and 4.5 yards per attempt.

Wearing less of Elliott keeps him as fresh as possible, which is what the Cowboys want because he’s in the third year of a $90 million dollar contract.

The Cowboys have formed a bit of a dynamic duo with Elliott and Pollard on the run back, although Elliott is still the starter it’s not always clear who will send Dallas with both players capable of carrying double digits each week.

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