“If you fold it right, you will win the origami contest” – Corriere.it

“Folding the right way the ballot and wins the gold medal for the World Origami Championships ». On twitter, the jokes are ubiquitous (the one mentioned is by @opificioprugna) for the Blue “leaf” that Roman citizens saw themselves standing in front of the polling stations in this one administrative elections. In the capital, irony travels on social networks: the not-so-easy dimensions of the company are under attack form, difficult to fold, even for a few candidate to run for mayor.

“Will the cabin be enough?”

«Will the cabin be enough?Everyone wondered when the first facsimiles of the ballot paper were released. Indeed, once the ballot has been opened, there has been a lot of complaining on social media: “I folded the ballot for the mayor of Rome and I got the honorary doctorate in engineering» Jokes on Twitter @LiberoPetrucci.

The 38 linked lists

But why did the so-called “leaf” arise? There are good arguments for the municipality of Rome 22 candidates, supported by a long string 38 linked lists born with the aim of canceling as many votes as possible. It is these symbols that have made the map so great. Up to a voluminous “leaf”, sometimes complicated to place in the urn. «The ballot for voting for the mayor of Rome it is almost as long as the voting booth» Writes @flaviaamabile. “There are those who have taken it half an hour to close the vote for the city council of #Rome and who lies »ironizes @fracicculli.


However, it is not the first time that the ballots in the capital have reached such a significant size. Bee administrative of 2013, the “leaf” came to one meter and 20 centimeters. Too hard to bend, even for the same candidates of the time who called it “big,” if not “huge.”

October 4, 2021 | 12:52


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