Mbappé: Leave the “Princes’ Garden” next summer

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

The young French star, Kylian Mbappé, player of Paris Saint-Germain, was silent a few months ago, not talking about his future, and then the day came when he broke his silence, to confirm that he asked to leave the Parisian club at the end of July.
Mbappe said in an interview with one of the sports programs on Radio Monte Carlo Sport, which will air tomorrow, “Tuesday”, that he had already informed Saint-Germain officials that he wanted to leave next summer.
The least that can be said about Mbappe’s announcement is that he will delight the Spanish media and Real Madrid, who are well aware that he is committed to playing for him at all costs, at the Spanish media and Real Madrid.
Mbappe admitted to famed French program presenter Jerome Rotan that he really does intend to leave the Paris club after turning down more than one offer to extend his contract.

Mbappe said: “I have asked to leave because from the moment I announced that I did not want to renew my contract, I sent a signal to the club officials so that they would have the opportunity to get a lucrative financial compensation for my departure. and so that the club could find a world-class replacement for me and early.”
The world champion crowned with the 2018 World Cup in Russia with the team “Roosters” added: The club has given me a lot and I was always happy during the four years I spent here, but I decided to leave and said it too early .

The owner of the famous number 7 shirt went on to say: I kept my word despite the club’s refusal to sell me, and I resumed the new season together with Neymar and Lionel Messi.
Mbappe admitted that he did not like some statements made by the club president and Brazilian sporting director, Leonardo, to reporters because they considered him “mercenaries” in these statements.

Mbappé said: “People said I turned down 6 or 7 offers to extend my contract and I no longer wanted to talk to Leonardo, and this is not true at all, my position is crystal clear. The “summer Mercato” is closing, which means I did that a full month before the transfer window closed.
Radio Monte Carlo Sport commented on Mbappe’s words saying: Thus it will be difficult to find the mutual influence between the “MNM” trio on the field, because what Mbappe said would be like pouring fire on oil, and in any case case it seems that the future of the young world champion is officially canceled in June in the French capital.


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