Municipal elections 2021, exit poll: Sala Manfredi and Lepore towards victory in the 1st round. Michetti-Gualtieri Challenge in Rome, Lorusso-Damilano in Turin – Live Results

Exit poll Rai – Trieste: Dipiazza stands at 46-50%

Trieste, the exit poll of the Opinio Italia Consortium for Rai: the outgoing center-right mayor, Roberto Dipiazza, stands at 46-50%, while center-left candidate Francesco Russo stands at 29-33%. Alessandra Richetti (M5s) is at 2-4%, Riccardo Laterza at 9-13%.

Exit Poll Opinio – Occhiuto wins in Calabria

According to the Opinio Italia consortium’s first exit poll for Rai, centre-right candidate Roberto Occhiuto is in the lead with 46.5-50.5%, followed by centre-left candidate Amalia Cecilia Bruni 24-28%. Luigi de Magistris is at 21-25%, while Mario Oliverio is at 1.5-3.5%.

Rai Exit poll – Milan: Hall between 54 and 58%

Milan, the first exit poll of the Opinio Italia consortium for Rai: Giuseppe Sala reaches a fork of 54-58%, followed by Luca Bernardo (center-right) with 32-36%. Followed by Layla Pavone (M5s) and Gianluigi Paragone, both with a 2-4% fork.

Exit Poll Opinion – Lepore wins in Bologna

In Bologna, Matteo Lepore, supported by Pd and M5s, according to the first exit poll of the Opinio consortium for Rai is on his way to a big victory: he gets 61-65% of the vote. Center-right candidate Fabio Battistini stops at 26.5-30.5%, third Marta Collot (Potere al Popolo) at 2-4%.

Exit Poll Opinion – Center-left forward in Turin

The Opinio Consortium’s first exit poll for Rai (80% coverage of the sample) gives centre-left candidate Stefano Lorusso a lead with 44-48% of the vote. Paolo Damilano (center-right) travels between 36.5 and 40.5 percent. Third Valentina Sganga (M5s) with 7-9 percent.

Rai Exit Poll – Naples: Manfredi at 57-61%

Also in Naples the candidate of the M5s-Pd Gaetano Manfredic heading for the win in the first round. Rai exit polls: Manfredi between 57 and 61%, Maresca (center-right) 19-23%, Bassolino 9-13%, Clemente 5.5-7.5%.

Swg Trends – Milan: Hall towards first round victory

Beppe Sala en route to victory in the first round in Milan, according to Swg trends. Rai exit polls estimate the outgoing mayor between 54 and 58%

Swg trends – Rome on the way to the mood

In Rome we are moving towards the vote, following the Swg trends for La7. The two-week comparison would be between Michetti (29-30%) and Gualtieri (27-28%). Calenda and Raggi are credited with about 18%.

Urns closed: exit polls coming soon

The voting for the 2021 municipal elections is closed. The first exit polls will be coming soon

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