Plane crashes in Milan, “vertical fall”. That abnormal maneuver and the crash – Libero Quotidiano

AN “vertical fall”. Three minutes and 32 seconds after takeoff, Pilate PC-12, Departed from Linaat and addressed to Olbia is about the buildings of Eni a San Donato, someone sees the flames coming from the engine, then the crash against the ATM office building to be renovated, and a fireball. It is 13:07 and 40 seconds. There are on board eight people, including a 20-month-old baby. They are all dead.

Reports the Corriere della Sera Which detectives confiscated the images from the surveillance cameras of the ATM parking lot at the stop, but in the images we only see the impact phase, because the lenses are pointing towards the road. But there are also the amateur videos made by passersby. And then there’s the black box which was seized about ten meters from the gap in the facade and part of the roof of the building.

Investigators from the police, Polaria and the National Flight Safety Agency have confiscated radio conversations with the control tower from Linaat. After takeoff, the plane flown by the Romanian billionaire Dan Petrescu, correctly make two right turns, pass the Idroscalo and Segrate. Instead of going further south towards Sardinia, plane suddenly cuts off its route like he wanted to go back to the airport and crashed a few seconds later.

And indeed, the detectives are talking about one “vertical fall”. At some point, the control tower notices that the PC-12 is going naturally regarding the flight plan. So the controllers ask the pilot if it is one maneuvering through bad weather. From the plane does not arrive alcun may day. Therefore, faced with such an unexpected maneuver, the researchers also assume a voluntary gesture. But the testimonies of those who saw the plane fall leave no doubt: during the fall, the single-engine turboprop was already in flames.


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