Question from the municipalities: Call for parcel tax for online retailers

Status: 04.10.2021 14:11 hrs

The German Association of Cities and Municipalities wants to give large online retailers a financial share in the modernization of inner cities. The association proposes a package tax for this.

The German Association of Cities and Municipalities is calling for a tax on parcels from major online retailers. According to the association, the state could collect money in this way, which could be used to finance the renovation of inner cities and city centers. “The necessary measures will require significant additional financial resources. We are therefore arguing for a parcel transport tax to allow the major online platforms to participate in the financing of the infrastructure,” said director Gerd Landsberg.

Online retailers like Amazon used the city center infrastructure for deliveries, but usually didn’t pay business taxes, Landsberg criticized. According to him, such a parcel service tax could yield between one and one and a half billion euros. This tax should be based on sales, Landsberg suggested.

“Future design” for German inner cities

“The city centers and city centers will not die, but they will have to fundamentally change so that people will continue to enjoy going there, being there and identifying with their city and community,” said the association’s director. This process must begin now so that the people in the congregations can now design the “future blueprint”. “We need more adventure spaces, crafts, art, culture, living space, but also more green and more blue in view of the necessary climate protection adaptations to improve the quality of stay in hot summers.”

The chairman of the German Association of Cities and Towns, Ralph Spiegler, called on the political parties to quickly reach an agreement in the upcoming coalition negotiations. “We need quick decisions, we need clear decisions so that we know where we are going in the coming years.”

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