UAE emergency services are determined and communities in Dubai have issued a warning

Cyclone Shaheen: UAE emergency services are determined and communities in Dubai have issued a warning

Yesterday we saw the devastating effects of Cyclone Shaheen as it is ripped through Oman’s capital Muscat and with three deaths in its wake, according to Oman’s National Committee for Emergency Management (NCEM). Two people were tragically killed in a landslide and a child died in flash flooding. We saw wind speeds of up to 140 km/h and now the UAE remains on alert as the cyclone is expected to hit the Emirates today, especially the east coast and the south of the country.

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During the NCEMA press briefing last night, the UAE government urged people to exercise caution, tweeting:

Cyclone Shaheen update: NCEMA and MOI call on the public to cooperate and abide by warnings issued by relevant authorities and not to take any risks or go outside during turbulent weather conditions except as necessary to ensure their safety. preserve.

We call on the public to cooperate with police units, heed warnings for their own safety and follow all news and warnings from official sources.

MOI: The readiness level of all police commandos has been increased to ensure the safety of everyone and reduce the impact on different regions. MOI has taken preventive measures such as conducting a number of security patrols in locations near beaches, valleys where heavy flows are expected

#NCEMA: We call on the public to follow developments from official sources and to take precautions for their safety.

#NCEMA: As a social responsibility, we note the importance of reporting any precipitation build-up or damage caused by the tropical cyclone so that the relevant authorities can take the necessary measures.

#NCEMA: De #UAE The Department of Energy and Infrastructure has formed fieldwork teams to immediately deal with any impact from the cyclone, with a focus on activating emergency plans for valley cleaning and stormwater drainage.

Dubai residents received text messages warning them to remove movable objects from the outdoor area

Emaar Communities have issued warnings

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