“We should be doing both in the coming years” MLB official website touts Shohei Ohtani also “dual wield” –Nikkan Sports

  1. “We should be doing both in the next few years” MLB official website also praises Shohei Ohtani “dual wield”Nikkan Sports
  2. “He was radiant enough” “Endless beauty” Shohei Otani impressed (October 4, 2021)ANNnewsCH
  3. Ichiro Praises Shohei Ohtani & Yale “Building an Era Only Shohei Can Draw” (Daily Sports) –Yahoo! newsYahoo! News
  4. Mariners Missed PS Advance For First In 20 Years End Of War In Mid 9th Inning Seger Changing Tearsauone.jp
  5. Do you predict Shohei Ohtani’s number of home runs? !!Shinjiro Koizumi’s “Oboroge” Comments Refocus (October 4, 2021) | BIGLOBE NewsBIGLOBE news
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