wrong cards and missing registers, the “last word” on M5s – Libero Quotidiano

A bad grade for Virginia Raggic and the 5 star movement, probably the last. UNTIL Rome on the first day of open ballot boxes for the administrative offices, several inefficiencies and inconveniences were registered: after the wrong date of the elections published on the municipality’s website, remember I read, and “the odyssey to obtain the voting certificate”, added situations of real chaos: “Wrong ballots, illness in the polling stations, presidents switching sections, missing registers and voters having to return to vote”.

Problems already on Sunday afternoon: several sections in municipalities XIII and XIV waited hours for the arrival of the polling stations and were forced to complete the operations late at night. To receive convocation, is the official motivation, is arrived late. Monday morning at the opening of the second and final voting day, complaints came in about exchanged voter registers and wrong ballot papers. “In a chair in the V town hall – he writes I read – the cards of the XV arrived, while in a section in the IV and III they handed over those of other municipalities. “The same thing happened in Selva Candida (Municipality XIV), with the maps of the IX Municipality.

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“In section 2280, up to 10 voters voted on the ballot papers of another town hall. They will be contacted to vote for the correct ballot.” “Banana Republic” stuff. Also add to this scenario the sickness who hit the president of the seat in section 021 of the high school in Righi. The man was escorted to the hospital and the vote was interrupted for half an hour. In the Bitossi school the same script: the secretary of section 1799 was taken away in an ambulance.


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