A Few Post-Season MLB Storylines You May Not Know

Mike Tauchman

Mike Tauchman
Illustration: Getty Images

When the baseball playoffs start, you already know the big storylines.

The Yankees and Red Sox get going tonight by renewing their rivalry for the first time in a Wild-Card Game. When the Dodgers defeat the Cardinals in the National League wildcard on Wednesday night, Los Angeles and San Francisco will face off in the NLDS for the first time.

The Brewers and Rays, two of the six major league teams that have never won a World Series, must appreciate their chances of making it into the history books after outstanding seasons. When they meet in the Fall Classic, it will be the first time two teams that have never won everything meet in the Series since 1980, when the Phillies defeated the Royals.

Of the teams that have won before, Atlanta has the longest ringless championship drought since 1995, but it’s also been a while for the White Sox (2005) and Yankees (2009).

Meanwhile, three of the last four world champions are on the field, including a potential rematch from last year’s World Series between the Rays and Dodgers. tthe Red Sox (2018) are the other.

However, it’s not just the clashes of teams and their history that make things interesting in October. A slew of players have the chance to join the Bengie Molina Club this year, where they’re guaranteed to get a ring once the World Series matchup is made. In 2010, Molina was traded from the Giants to the Rangers, playing against his old team in the Fall Classic and winning even though he was on the losing side.

Who has a story this year about playing for more than one team and chasing a championship?

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