A teenager from Florida made history as the first trans homecoming queen of her high school

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A teenager from Florida made history as the first trans homecoming queen of her high school

She was nominated in her Orlando School Homecoming Court, with enough votes to get her name on the ballot for the Queen of the House. She thought it might be a shot to win, although she didn’t try to raise her hopes, she said.

“I was so eager to get back home and be a part of it, but even though I won, I was scared. What if people were doing it to make fun of me?” The school’s senior told CNN. “People are cruel these days. You never know what might happen.”

Her fears subsided when she heard a loud applause when her name was called during her high school home game in late September. Bylosuknia’s companions voted her as the queen of their home First transgender student At Olympia High School to be crowned.

Bialosuknia said her crown has made her feel more at home at school – and the support of her classmates has shown her that most of the time she sees who she is.

“It was very, very worry-free,” she said. “Just, like, knowing that I have everyone on my side and [they] Actually here for me … this process of transition feels so good. ”

She received the most positive response

Bialosuknia is more comfortable in her own skin than most 17-year-olds. But her confidence is hard, her mother Marni said. The infection of billosuknia is a “long and difficult process”, her mother said, her family is helping her.

Since her coronation, Bialosuknia said she has been overwhelmed by messages of support and pride from her peers. She has also received hate messages, but she said those who send her “don’t understand and never will.”

“I don’t try to change anyone’s mind to accept and understand me,” she said. “It’s just to show that anyone can do anything and if you’re part of the LGBTQ + community it doesn’t make you weird or [more of] Alone than everyone else. ”

Four parents of transgender children on the challenges and joys of raising their children that may be hostile
Marni Bialosuknia said she is thrilled for her daughter, admitting that many trans teenagers do not belong to the same pro-student organization or live in a secure home. A 2019 study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention It is estimated that only less than 2% of children in U.S. high school are trans, and trans students are at greater risk of violent abuse and suicide than sisgender students.

“I hope, maybe five years from now, this news won’t be right,” she said. “Evan is the first, but she won’t be the last.”

Bialosuknia can be seen beaming inside Footage from her crown. When her name was called, she went to the line of her fellow candidates and they hugged everyone as they cheered her on enthusiastically. The marching band, which was socially far away on the school football field, applauded. She lingered so that the school administrator could put a mug on her head. Her smile never diminished.

She said, “If you present yourself as a strong, outgoing, beautiful person, that’s how you look.”

She has adopted this advice herself – and she is beginning to feel it with confidence.


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