A wall collapses in Calenzano, a woman died

A wall collapses in Calenzano in the Florentine area, a 49-year-old died. The woman died at Careggi hospital, where she was being transported by rescue helicopter this morning, after a stone wall about 60 meters collapsed as she walked. Immediately she appeared in a very serious condition when she arrived in the emergency room, she was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. It seems that the collapse of the two and a half meters high wall was caused by water infiltration due to bad weather.

According to the mayor of Calenzano Riccardo Prestini, who is trying to contact them, the owners of the land and the wall are currently in the United States. “Pending confirmation of the causes of the collapse, we are contacting the owners of the land and wall, now located in the United States, to report the seizure of the area and ensure the safety of the remaining portion. off the wall.” , explains Prestini, who also expresses “heartfelt condolences and our closeness to the family” of the 49-year-old.

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