Ale’s monstrous Jax takes victory for LNG in the opening match of League of Legends Worlds 2021

The 2021 League of Legends Worlds opening match has finally come to an end and lived up to all expectations.

LNG Esports (Li-Ning Gaming) and HLE (Hanwha Life Esports) went head to head and all eyes were on these teams to bear the name of their region. The game picked up the heat from the concept stage as Tryndamere and Jax were some champions that no one expected.

While HLE’s ‘Mid’ Chovy (Jeong Ji-hoon) put in some really good performances with Tryndamere, it eventually fell short when LNG’s ‘Top’ Ale (Hu Jia-le) turned the game around with his monstrous Jax.

HLE’s loss reflects the problems most analysts expected for League of Legends Worlds 2021

The match between HLE and LNG was absolutely exquisite from a viewer’s perspective. There were some unique champions, some really great plays, and the players everyone expected to show up did quite well.

However, it was LNG that took the win, as Ale was purely unstoppable with his Jax. Jax is a champion who can literally compete against three or four others and come out on top. That’s exactly what happened when Ale ended the game trailing 6/0/8.

However, this match reflected the problem most analysts expected from HLE. HLE is a team that relies heavily on Chovy’s performance. In this case, he was unable to carry his team because Ale was fed way too much early on.

Apart from that, HLE’s top planer Morgan (Park Gi-tae) finished the game 0/4/0 down and that hurt the team a lot. In addition, the fact that LNG was able to grab the Ocean Soul made killing Ale even more difficult and allowed him to snowball the game. This only shows the difference in impact and that is something that HLE needs to work on in future matches.

As of now, LNG has a win on board and Ale’s performance is sure to give a lot of confidence to the entire League of Legends roster. However, it goes without saying that this opening match set the tone for League of Legends Worlds 2021 in style.


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