Anne Hidalgo calls for lower fuel tax

The PS presidential candidate who advocates for Anne Hidalgo, in an interview posted Tuesday evening by Edition, a fuel tax cut, says it wants to push for an ecology “social”.

“It is undoubtedly a difference with the Greens, I believe that we cannot continue to ask the most vulnerable, the most modest or the middle class to pay the high price of the ecological transition”, explains the mayor of Paris, making sure “The ecological transition will not happen to those who cannot make ends meet today, because rents, energy and fuels are rising, but not their wages.”.

How do you get there? “By lowering taxes on fuel prices”, replies Anne Hidalgo. “Some will explain to me that it is not ecological. On the contrary: in this transition we have to hang popular categories. Eleven million people need their car every day to get to work. We must support them to turn the page on thermal vehicles from 2030”.

“Go to public transport”

When asked about her image as a candidate hostile to the car, Anne Hidalgo emphasizes that “Where there is no solution, we cannot tell people not to take their car”. “We must help our fellow citizens, if they can, to get to public transport. This means having a plan for the railways and reopening small lines. That means investing with regions and departments in clean equipment. Finally, this means massive support for the French in the purchase of non-polluting vehicles”.

Anne Hidalgo records, depending on the case, between 5.5% and 6% of presidential voting intentions according to an Ifop-Fiducial survey for Le Figaro and LCI released Monday. It is preceded on the left by the ecologist Yannick Jadot (8 to 9%) and by the insurgent leader of France Jean-Luc Mélenchon (7 to 8%). A congress organized in Lille should officially designate it on October 23.

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