Anne Hidalgo struggles in the polls, socialists worried

Since she officially declared herself a presidential candidate in September, the mayor of Paris seems to have no subscribers. Blame it on poor polls and long time strategy.

But where did Anne Hidalgo go? After a declaration of candidacy very neat in Rouen, the publication of his book a french woman, and his proposal for double teacher salaries“The mayor of Paris is very discreet. His poor numbers in the polls force the PS to ask him to pick up the pace.

Officially there is no concern in the socialist camp, despite the latest opinion studies who attribute 5.5 to 6% of the voting intentions to Anne Hidalgo.

“Half a Candidate”

“It takes time to install a candidacy in the political space. I’d rather have someone who takes the time, who thinks, who doesn’t make the buzz. Being president is serious and Anne Hidalgo takes the time to get things right We still have six months before the elections,” Dieynaba Diop, PS spokesman, told

Another story heard on the benches of the left: we must be patient while waiting for the vote of the militants on October 14. “She hasn’t really started her campaign yet. It’s normal for her to be quite low in the polls. Just wait until she’s invested. She’s still in a kind of half-candidate state.” rural health consultant.

Environmentalists first

However, some speak of an “industrial accident, without campaign, without campaign leadership, without campaign,” says the Parisian.

This final diagnosis is explained not only by the low score in the polls, but also by the landscape on the left, which is far from dominating. “There is a dynamic that is not on his side that weighs on a campaign when we feel that we are always racing within the candidates who share some of our values,” said a left-wing senator.

Anne Hidalgo is now even surpassed in the polls by Jean-Luc Melenchon and Yannick Jadot. While some hoped the socialist candidate would woo environmentalists for a single candidacy, it has been missed. Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the PS, still believes in it.

“I’ve always had the idea of ​​a coalition that mixes socialists and environmentalists. (…) The dream team, I have the impression that today it is around Anne Hidalgo”, estimated the boss of the socialists on France info this Tuesday morning.

A meeting to get back in the saddle

Hoping to relaunch a campaign with very pale colors, Anne Hidalgo will be in Lille on October 23 for a “grand convention for a social and environmental Republic”.

“This will be the moment of the commitment of our organization, of the presentation of our ‘team of mayors of France’. We will deploy teams in each department to bring our values, our ideas and our proposals,” explains his campaign team to from at Pol.

After this meeting, “it will be necessary for it to go to the castagne. But it will not be enough to be in the ring. It will also be necessary for it to put on the boxing gloves”, emphasizes Patrick Kanner, the boss of the socialist senators, to the Parisian.

A thatched strategy

But for some, it is precisely the strategy that should be questioned.

“The problem is that she has chosen to adopt the principle of a reed campaign, to destroy her proposals in the long run. All this is slowly building up, it is true. François Hollande should not have had to do that. 30 November and Benoît Hamon in January. But it will be necessary to accelerate seriously at the same time “, notes a good connoisseur of the socialist arcana.

“Unlink” the candidate

The reference to the hapless socialist candidate and his score of 6.5% in 2017 infuriates one of the members of the PS National Council.

“If we rely on his example, we’re in really bad shape… I think Olivier Faure will do everything he can to avoid a shipwreck and will ‘disconnect’ it in the coming weeks if it doesn’t go from the party, it is to hold a group in the Assembly and this will only be possible on the condition that an agreement is reached with the ecologists. In return they will ask us that Anne Hidalgo withdraw in their favor”, judges with this regional elected representative.

The team of the mayor of Paris opposes a formal denial of this hypothesis. “One cannot imagine that a First secretary to write in black and white his wish to designate Anne Hidalgo as a candidate of the PS in his text of political orientation or in this kind of calculation. It’s impossible,” said Bernard Jomier, a member of his campaign team.

Task the chosen Parisian to quickly make the birds of a bad omen lie.

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