Carlo Fidanza and Jonghi Lavarini under investigation for illegal party financing and money laundering –

The Brothers of Italy MEP Carlo Fidanza and the “Black Baron” Roberto Jonghi Lavarinic are being investigated for violation of the law on party financing and money laundering as part of the investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Milan, born of the video investigation of Fan page on the “Lobby Lobby” party in town. Lavarini was searched today by the Guardia di Finanza.


The Guardia di Finanza, at the disposal of the prosecutors Piero Basilone and Giovanni Polizzi (owners of the file opened after the complaint lodged by Europa Verde and the Greens), it acquires the rough “shot” from ‘s video Fan page. In the dialogues and images of the first part of the service we are talking about “Washing machines”, entrepreneurs and professionals could transform an off-the-books loan in an official election contribution. In this specific case, the financier is the journalist posing as the intermediary of a multinational finance company.

The reference to Hitler

Employed by Fan page the free dialogues between the phantom entrepreneur, the activist are also reproduced Jonghi Lavarinic, fidanza (MEP who suspended himself as head of the party delegation in Brussels) and the new FdI councilor elected in Palazzo Marino, Chiara Valcepina. There are passages in which they are made racist and sexist considerations and jokes and references to a speech by Hitler to denigrate a Jewish woman. Theme that will be explored by prosecutor Basilone, who is part of the section of the Public Prosecution Service that, in addition to terrorism, also deals with the crime of apologizing for fascism.

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October 5, 2021 | 19:33


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