Catania, tornadoes and bad weather: there are damage and injuries

A violent storm with a massive tornado struck between Catania and Syracuse in the very early afternoon. Especially the part at sea and the villages of the Etna belt affected. Gusts of wind chopped down trees and ripped off billboards. The wind was followed by rain and hail, causing damage to homes and businesses.

The municipality said some were also injured and it is “recommended that citizens pay the utmost attention and do not leave the house except for urgent reasons”. The ring road was confused by the presence of trees on the sidewalk.118, fire brigade and municipal and regional civil protection were alerted for rescue efforts. There were several calls to the fire brigade for the flooding of basements and garages.

None of the rescued injured, quoted on the council’s Facebook page, are currently in the city’s hospitals, but there are said to be injured. This is what verifications made by the prefecture, which opened a coordination table for rescue interventions.

Bad weather also impacted the airport, where four inbound flights were diverted to other airports, two in Palermo and one in Bari. There were numerous calls for intervention to the operating room of the only number 112 for flooding and damage to buildings, torn roofs and streets blocked by fallen trees and stranded drivers.

The violent storm also hit several towns in the area of ​​Catania, and in particular Mount Etna. In Nicolosi, a tree fell, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, damaging a means of transport for the disabled belonging to the Misericordia association.


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