“Change method” – Libero Quotidiano

The political case breaks out in the Council of Ministers. The green light for the tax reform proxy, but not by the League, who left the control room called by Mario Draghi and then left the CDM. “For us, the reform of the land registry is not good in this way,” emphasized Massimo Bitonci, leader of the Lega group in the Budget Committee in the Chamber. It is said that the Prime Minister did not expect this tear, which, however, did not stop the Director from going straight even without the Carroccio.

“Salvini will explain it to us in the coming hours or days,” Draghi replied during the conference to those who asked him if he knew the reason why the League decided not to attend the meeting. What is certain is that he did not expect such a move, since the content had already been agreed before the control room, according to him. Someone pointed out to him that the party of Matteo Salvinic he may have regretted the administration’s disappointing result: “I don’t think the government will come out weakened by the vote – was Draghi’s reply – but I don’t even know if it strengthened it”.

In short, the prime minister, as always, keeps far from political bickering and goes straight ahead. But in the meantime, Salvini’s answer came: “Tax delegation is not the horoscope”“It is not good to know you half an hour before the Council of Ministers. There was no provision in the agreements”. In particular, the Northern League secretary believes that he cannot accept the increase in the flat max and the revision of Irap in white, even if Draghi, for his part, assured that “no one will pay more or less, the average taxpayer won’t notice”.


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