Cristiano Ronaldo, what’s wrong with you? A uni will be given to the city sender imitating the performance… –SOCCER KING

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo, what’s wrong with you? Townsend gets a uni imitating Pafo…FOOTBALL KING
  2. mr. Ferguson makes statement to Man U. Should Cristiano Ronaldo start? (Football Channel) — Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
  3. Ferguson dissatisfied with limited appointment Cristiano Ronaldo ‘The best players must be appointed from the start’
  4. Are you dissatisfied with C. Ronaldo’s mid-match entry? mr. Ferguson “The best players are always novice pitchers…”FOOTBALL KING
  5. ‘Just put pressure on the coach’ United OB Names Ronaldo’s Disgruntled Attitude (Football ZONE Web) — Yahoo! NewsSports Navigation
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