Dave Chappelle Says He’s TERF And Drops LGBTQ Jokes On Netflix’s The Closer

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Dave Chappelle Projection the closest, which is its ninth position of its own overall (and sixth for Netflix). The hour-long set was taped at The Fillmore in Detroit in August of this year.

“Everyone has a seat, be comfortable, and relax. I must tell you … let’s go, Let’s go“,” Chappelle, dressed in a perfectly trimmed suit and white sneakers, tells the initially raucous audience.

Then the 48-year-old comedy legend adds, “I want you guys to know something, and I’m going to tell you the truth, and don’t get upset: This is going to be my last one for a minute, explain that later.” the closest He will complete his “work set” for the broadcast giant.

Once the applause ends, Chappelle dives into the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and his own battle with the deadly virus after he contracted it again in January.

“I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m vaccinated. I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I have to admit, this is probably the most important decision I’ve made in a long time. I walked into the doc like, ‘Give me the third best option!'” I’ll take what the homeless have! So far, so good!”

“I don’t know if you’ve heard the news: I I did Getting coronavirus — and it was another thing,” “I felt filthy. I felt awful. Because I’ve been walking around Texas just touching doorknobs and shit, my hands are all wet, flipping money with money. Here, take this to your family. I must have killed thousands of people who were just trying to get The Tonight Show together, so I hope you’ll appreciate that.”

Chappelle further admits he “never got sick” from contracting COVID, calling himself the “Magic Johnson of the Coronavirus”, but he felt nervous watching several videos of black people beating up Asians in the streets during the pandemic – before breaking down, “I couldn’t help but feel.” I feel like, when I saw these brothers beating up these Asians, maybe that’s what’s going on inside my body.”

over a period the closestDirected by Emmy Award-winning Stan Lathan who has filmed all of Chappelle’s Netflix specials, the comic touches on issues of racism, discrimination, gender, and gender identity, often finding itself pitted against black liberation against LGBT people and feminism. As he has done over and over again in the past.

‘LBGTQ . processing [sic] Chappelle says he comes in peace as he wants to “negotiate the release of DaBaby” – the chart-topping rapper who made some anti-gay comments during his set at the Miami Rolling Loud Festival in July – before expressing how jealous he is of the LGBTQ community’s progress Compared to blacks, he recounted the time a gay white man called the police on him in Austin after Chappelle confronted the man about posing with him and his wife in a bar.

Then he entered a disturbing story about a supposed incident in which he says he hit a lesbian woman from a butcher because she punched him (the woman later, he claims, tried to sell the story to TMZ): Glad TMZ didn’t believe it – because I beat shit out of her. I will not lie. It was her fault. I had no choice.”

There’s more, of course, including Chappelle weighing in on “disturbing as damned” (his words) the ways white Hollywood women handled the #MeToo movement, arguing that the onus was somehow on the victims of Weinstein’s list to protect those under them in a contact paper from abuse Treating him, and how the transgender community ‘want me dead’ for him His habit of performing transgender jokes, presented as evidence several times of angry transgender people or allies they encountered because of the jokes mentioned.

“Any of you who’ve ever seen me knows I’ve never had a problem with transgender people. If you listen to what I’m saying, it’s clear that my problem has always been with white people,” he asserts.

Chappelle then tries to convince the audience – in the crowd and at home – that he has never made any outspoken anti-transgender jokes, and asks the audience to “come back” and re-visit his own shows. (He definitely did, and you can read the great writer via Samantha Allen on it here.) defends JK Rowling against “cancellation” for her anti-transgender statements (which are deeply misinterpreted), before saying, “I’m the TERF!” A term referring to trans-exclusion radical feminism, or feminists who suffer from and do transphobia. I don’t think trans women are women.

“Sex is a fact,” he says. “Every human in this room, and every human on earth, had to go through a woman’s legs to be on the floor. That’s the truth. Now, I’m not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I’m just saying those pussies they got …You know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not a pussy, but it’s beyond a pussy or an impossible pussy. It tastes like a pussy, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? That’s not blood. This is beet juice.” (Chapelle’s anti-transgender jokes are often reduced to human anatomy, showing how inaccurate his views on the subject are.)

He later attempted to qualify the material by telling a story about Daphne Dorman, a white transgender woman who loved his trans jokes and who befriended Chappelle before committing suicide in October 2019, shortly after giving her a shout-out on the Netflix franchise. sticks stones. Chappelle reveals that he started a trust to pay for Daphne’s daughter’s college education, and that he won’t do any more LGBTQ jokes “until we make sure we laugh together. I’m telling you, it’s over. I’m done talking about it. All I humbly ask of your community is.” : Would you please stop hitting? Mine Persons.”

Here, Chappelle refers to the black men he cited earlier the closest—DaBaby, Kevin Hart and himself — who, in his eyes, were victims (translation: lost some job opportunities, while remaining extremely wealthy and popular) by the LGBTQ community for making anti-gay jokes, or making anti-gay comments, and at first refused to apologize about them.

So, he threw the microphone, drank applause, and walked out of the scenes.


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