Democrats are looking for new options to increase the debt limit when there are serious obstacles to the GOP

Democrats are looking for new options to increase the debt limit when there are serious obstacles to the GOP

West Virginia Sen., one of the strongest opponents of changing the Philibuster rule. While Joe Manchin insisted Tuesday that Congress would not allow the country to default, it is highly uncertain whether he and the other 49 Democrats will vote to temporarily change the rules. . President Joe Biden on Tuesday called the prospect of a caricature adoption from the Democrats’ Philibuster rules a “real possibility.”

Senate Democrats are debating whether the White House can use administrative procedures to avoid default, which could be the subject of a court battle if Biden gives the green light to the process.

At the Caucus Luncheon on Tuesday, Democrats discussed a number of options on how to move forward as Republicans consider raising the debt limit on Wednesday. They will deny Democrats the 60 votes needed to go to the final up or down vote in a Senate divided equally.

With the timing of the essence before Deadline 18 October, At lunch, Democrats flatly rejected the GOP’s demands to go through a time-consuming process known as “budget reconciliation,” arguing that they would force Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell and the politically charged series of revised votes to tolerate them. Through that complicated process.

Instead, they discussed a series of other Plan B options, including Biden, using the authority under the 14th Amendment, which states that the legitimacy of public debt will not be questioned. Democrats fully recognize the idea that the idea is not being investigated in court, but also said that if Republicans sue for such a move, they will be convicted of undermining America’s entire trust and credibility.

Another option discussed at Tuesday’s lunch was a complex parliamentary process ओळख known as the nuclear option on Capitol Hill जो that would eliminate the 60-vote requirement to break the filebuster to raise the debt limit and allow a simple majority. Instead. The issue also came up in a private dinner last Thursday, sources said, and Democrats said the idea of ​​making a temporary, one-time change to the rules is also being considered.

“We can make exceptions to the rules once and for all in order to protect the economic well-being of every American,” said one Democratic senator.

Still, it would require the support of all 50 Democrats to go that route सह including Rizin’s Manchin and Kirsten Cinema, both of whom are strongly opposed to weakening the 60-vote requirement, and both did not raise the issue behind closed doors, sources said.

Manchin told CNN on Monday that “forget the filibuster”, meaning changing the rules was off the table for him. However, after lunch on Tuesday, Manchin would not say whether Philibuster would oppose “carving out” in the rules to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. He told CNN that the solution is now in the hands of Senate Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and McConnell to break the agreement on the issue.

“The main thing is that they have to get it done,” Manchin said. “It is in the interest of this country that the leadership come together and work on it.”

Manchin added: “We will not default. I guarantee you that this country will not default. This Congress will not default. I think it will be painful for some people. But we will not default.”

The GOP is adamant against providing votes on the credit limit

Democrats say they hope Republicans will give up to avoid the possibility of a financial catastrophe.

“We’re two weeks away now, and I’m sure Republicans – at least some of them – will see the light of day,” said Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Budget, an independent Vermont who spoke with Democrats.

White House officials have reached out to top US business leaders about a possible meeting with Biden, a familiar source told CNN. If Wednesday’s meeting is successful, it will be seen as an attempt to increase pressure on Republicans.

But Republicans have linked themselves closely to McConnell, who has been warning since this summer that the GOP will not raise a finger to raise the debt limit.

With less than 14 days to go before the deadline, Congress is facing a financial crisis. In 2011, when the Congress was under similar tension over the debt ceiling, the country’s credit rating had plummeted. But Democrats have so far considered launching a special budget process, questioning their leadership, or arguing that it is too late.

Virginia Democrat Sen. Mark Warner said, “I don’t see any way to reconcile without reducing debt.”

Schumer added: “Reconciliation is a drawn-out, complex process. We have shown the best way to go. We are moving in that direction.”

For the budget process, the Senate will have to participate in a lengthy debate process, two marathon voting sessions known as the vote-a-ram, and finally a Republican presence on committees to help Democrats move the process forward.

A Senate expert told CNN that it could be completed in about a week if Republicans cooperate. And Senate GOP Whip John Thun said Tuesday that his party would be open to speeding up the process if Democrats go that route.

“They say it’s very uncomfortable, it takes a long time,” the South Dakota Republican said. “Well it can be addressed by agreement.”

But Democrats say Republicans can’t be trusted to compromise on the issue, as any single senator could object to the process being pulled. And already, Republicans have objected to Schumer’s efforts to allow the debt ceiling to be raised to a 51-vote threshold फक्त with only democratic votes जी the GOP has instead demanded that he use the long budget process to filibuster and eat up valuable time on the floor.

Democrats are slowly moving towards a win-win situation. Under the budget process, Democrats will need to specify the exact amount to increase the country’s borrowing limit, even though the debt is about $ 29 trillion. With these numbers, Democrats will have to face political choice again. Under current law they are trying to pass on Wednesday, Democrats will “suspend” the debt limit until mid-2022 without specifying the number.

But if the Democrats don’t remove the hurdle, their party – which controls all levels of government – could face massive blame from voters hurt by the Washington stalemate.

“There are a lot of options, but the Democrats have a majority and we have to act like that,” said Democrat Sen. Tim Kane in Virginia. “If Republicans are going to flirt with defaults, we can suggest that, but at the end of the day, we have to make sure the nation doesn’t default.”

This story has been updated with comments from President Joe Biden.

John Harwood, Catalan Collins and Megan Vazquez contributed to this report.


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