[DeNA]Former Giant Daisuke Nakai Retires…Determined To Get Report Of Insufficient Strength (Sports Hochi) –Yahoo! News –Sports Navi

  1. [DeNA]Former Giant Daisuke Nakai Retires… Determined to Get Reported Out-of-Strength (Sports Hochi) –Yahoo! newsSports Navigation
  2. DeNA Nakai et al. Notify a total of 10 players NTV NEWS24NTV NEWS24
  3. [DeNA]Tomo Otosaka, who has been a team for ten years, is told that he is no longer in his power. Director Daisuke Miura “I’ve been eagerly working on baseball.”Sports Hochic
  4. [DeNA]Notification of out-of-strength to a large number of 10 players Daisuke Nakai, Tomo Otosaka, Ren Kazahari, etc. Blood Substitution for Team Reconstruction (Sports Hochi) –Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
  5. BayStars notifies 9 people who are under the control of Tomo Otosaka, Satoshi Iizuka, etc.auone.jp
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