Doctor would have injected saline

lIn Bavaria, hundreds of people have to take an antibody test because they Corona vaccination have been eaten by a supposedly fraudulent doctor. The authorities are also trying to limit the damage by means of post-vaccination. An already closed neighborhood vaccination center was quickly converted into a testing center for the injured patients.

The resident GP Gerhard Holz in Wemding (Donauries district, Schwaben administrative district) is said to have false vaccination certificates and patients vaccination feigned against SarsCov-2 infections. He may just inject some patients with saline. People from other states would have traveled to the doctor to get a false vaccination certificate.

District administrator Stefan Rößle (CSU) said the suspect’s name should be published to protect patients. In this case, averting danger is more important than protecting the privacy of the suspect. “Just to say that patients of a doctor from Wemding should have come forward would have caused chaos, because there are several doctors there,” Roessle said on Tuesday. Above all, at-risk patients who were misled by a placebo vaccination should have been warned to avoid getting serious illness with regular vaccination.

“There was a specific dangerous situation because, for example, the discotheques are opening again,” says Michael Lechner, head of the criminal police in Dillingen (Danube). According to information from the prosecutor’s office and the criminal investigation department, several hundred patients received a false vaccination certificate in their vaccination booklet without actually being vaccinated against Corona. How many patients received a fake vaccination is yet to be determined. The Dillingen Police Department and the Augsburg Public Prosecutor’s Office had started the investigation after several anonymous reports of irregularities in the practice.

Some insecure patients would have done an antibody test of their own accord. After the test failed to detect antibodies in one case, the doctor’s office and private rooms were searched last Wednesday. The practice is currently closed. Rumors of irregularities in the practice are said to have existed for a long time in the small Bavarian town of just under 6,000 inhabitants. May be under investigation for forgery of documents, bodily harm. According to prosecutor Andreas Dobler, some provisions of the Infection Act have probably also been violated.


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