Elections Bologna, Sardines wake up with Santori mister preferences

Elections Bologna, Mattia Santori turns out to be the preferred gentleman after he filled the square two years ago by beating Matteo Salvini, launched to conquer Emilia Rossa. In the Democratic Party list, after the controversy and some spark (even at home), Santori can say: “Today someone is licking their wounds and someone else is counting the votes earned on the field”. He counted 2,586, making him the first on the Democratic Party’s list to support Matteo Lepore.

The sardines that have dived into the electoral open sea are scattered from north to south. “The poll response gives the country the rootedness and full vitality of the movement I represent,” said AdnKronos Jasmine Cristallo, another well-known face of the movement, who toured the country during the election campaign, stopping in Bologna (“Mattia , he really did something amazing”), in Turin, in Milan. “Our candidates everywhere confirm themselves significantly and affirm the goodness of our political system, aimed at uniting and including”.

In Nichelino, in the Turin region, the ‘Communists for Nichelino’ list gets 6.22% of the vote: Fiodor Luciano Alessandro Verzola, close to the Sardine movement, is voted by 476 voters. In Turin Sara Diena, sardine and activist of the Fridays for the future, achieved an important result, third on Sel’s list. Anna Claudia Petrillo, who runs the Democratic Party, travels about 450 votes, while there are still five sections.

Cristallo does not hide his bitterness for the results of the center left in his region, in Calabria. “What we feared happened, the lack of and unmotivated listening to our sincere appeals resulted in a scorching defeat with even sensational touches.” “Boccia and Graziano will have to answer for it,” warns the woman from Catanzaro. “I am already working on the reconstruction of a broad, inclusive and multiple series, also in Calabria”. Meanwhile, the movement is starting the rumor for the ballots of Rome and Turin, to prevent the sovereignists from lifting their heads: “In the capital and in Piedmont we will stand next to the center-left candidates,” the Sardines say.

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