End of the hostage situation in the maximum security prison of Condé-sur-Sarthe, the detainee surrendered, a supervisor injured

A supervisor who was held hostage by a prisoner from Condé-sur-Sarthe (Orne) on Tuesday, Oct. 5, was released and the prisoner surrendered, Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti announced. “The hostage situation is over. The detainee surrendered, he said on Twitter. The supervisor suffered minor injuries to his right eye. A supervisor who had been with him since morning had been released in the middle of the day, the Justice Department said. This woman was not injured. Neither does the inmate.

The hostage situation started at 10:15 am. Prison staff began negotiations with the detainee, a man sentenced to life in prison for rape and attempted murder, while Regional Response and Security Teams (ERIS) from Rennes were present, the ministry said. . A crisis unit was immediately opened, the same source said.

According to a journalist from Agence France-Presse (AFP) on the scene, the media were kept well away from the prison, about two kilometers.

“Can’t control the slightest frustration”

From union and police sources, the hostage-taker has been diagnosed “Psychopath” at trial, was convicted in cases of rape, attempted murder, theft, drug trafficking, insult or humiliation. In September 2017, a life sentence for rape, attempted rape and attempted murder of two young women in 2013 had been confirmed, and the Assize Court had imposed a security sentence of eighteen to twenty years, upon the attorney general’s request. two years.

Asked by AFP, Me Francis Terquem, one of the detainee’s former lawyers, gave some information about the latter’s personality, saying he wasn’t much surprised. ‘He is a bull, a natural animal. He had to have a prospect of hope, the only way to keep these kinds of people is to give them a reason for hope. The prison administration is not equipped to handle cases like this, with such a psychiatric dimension.”, he said.

“He is someone who is incapable of handling the slightest frustration. He had tried to hit me during the hearing, he had broken the safety glass of the coffin with his fists”he also added.

Already several incidents

The high-security Condé-sur-Sarthe penitentiary has experienced several serious incidents, despite being one of the most recent and modern in France, having opened in January 2013.

In March 2019, Michael Chiolo attacked two supervisors with a ceramic knife. The attacker, who served a 30-year sentence and radicalized in prison, then withdrew with his partner to the establishment’s family life unit (UVF) for nearly ten hours. After attempts at negotiations, the elite police forces launched the attack, injuring the attacker and killing his companion.

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The Paris Prosecutor, Rémy Heitz, had explained that when Michael Chiolo seriously injured the two supervisors, he had said that he “Avenge” Chérif Chekatt, the author of the jihadist attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg, was shot dead by police in December 2018 after killing five people.

This attack had provoked a mobilization movement in French prisons and prompted the Prison Administration Management (DAP) to strengthen security measures in the establishment.

Detainees considered “difficult”

Three months later, in June 2019, two prison workers were taken hostage by Francis Dorffer, nicknamed the “Champion Hostage Hostage”, and the two supervisors were unharmed.

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Since its opening, several attacks, riots or hostage-taking have taken place within the confines of this prison, which houses known inmates. “Difficult” or have already committed violence in prison.

The penitentiary center, with a capacity of 249 places, is structured in two parts: a central house (195 places) placed under high surveillance and a “new concept” district built outside the perimeter walls (45 places), according to the Public Agency for Real Estate of Justice (APIJ).

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