Fact or Fiction: Georgia Can Flip Five Star Travis Hunter

Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam Gorney together with Blayne Gilmer from UGASports.com, Ryan Young from TrojanSports.com and Corey Bender of GatorsTerritory.com cover three topics and determine whether each claim is FACT or FICTION.

1. Georgia can flip the five-star Travis Hunter.

Travis Hunter (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

Gorney’s opinion: FACT. Georgia can get anyone, committed or uncommitted, an in-state prospect or from across the country. So good coach Kirby Smart and his staff are recruiting top players. Travis Hunter has said all the right things since his commitment to the state of Florida and even after the Seminoles struggled to start the season. But he visited Georgia this weekend and the coaching staff continues to make him a big priority. The Bulldogs aren’t done trying to turn him around.

Gilmer’s opinion: FICTION. One visit is a long way from a flip. However, if you come for an afternoon kickoff literally a few hours after breaking your ankle, that would suggest that the interest in Georgia is strong enough to take it a step further. Hunter has deep ties to the state of Florida, so Georgia has a big mountain to climb, but it got a good foothold on Saturday.




2. Florida will be able to keep the commitment of four-star DB Julian Humphrey.

Julian Humphrey (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

Gorney’s opinion: FACT. Georgia is making a serious attack on Julian Humphrey and his visit last weekend could only have helped make the defense so dominant against an improving team from Arkansas. Texas A&M also gets a chance and that’s the closest thing to home for the Houston (Texas) Clear Lake shiner. Florida still captured him and that’s great news for the Gators. Humphrey says all the right things for Gators fans.

Bender’s opinion: FACT. UF fans have experienced this before after many thought Humphrey would be heading to Texas A&M in the summer. It’s worth noting that the Rivals100 cornerback also visited Alabama and LSU, but the Gators weathered the storm there as well. There’s no doubt that Humphrey is seriously considering the Bulldogs after an official visit to Athens, but until I hear otherwise, I’ll be staying here with the Gators. Humphrey had a great time in town for the Alabama game and continues to recruit on behalf of the Gators.



3. Mykel Williams is being chased by Georgia, but USC will keep his promise and sign him.

Mykel Williams
Mykel Williams (Chad Simmons/Rivals.com)

Gorney’s opinion: FICTION. I see both sides of this argument and so it’s too early to say exactly what’s going to happen here. But the uncertainty at USC, which could drag on for much longer until a head coach is announced, leads me to believe that Mykel Williams will lean towards the safe side and that means going to Georgia at some point. It also makes sense from a football standpoint, as the Bulldogs are clearly contenders for the national championship with the best defense in the country. Williams was in Georgia last weekend to watch the Bulldogs dominate Arkansas up front. He’s going back in two weeks for an official visit. That’s saying something. Williams loves USC and having Michael Trigg is a big deal. But Georgia is more certain and the Bulldogs definitely want to turn him around.

Young people take: FACT. It’s a little tricky for USC. One of the biggest reasons Williams committed to the Trojans was for the defense line Vic So’oto. He felt So’oto stood out from all the other recruiting presentations in terms of his plan for him and how he would coach him. With the entire USC coaching staff on the move, it’s hard to say if So’oto will be kept. If another USC coach then Donte Williams probably stays, it’s So’oto, so there’s a chance. However, it is unknown whether losing So’oto would be a total deal breaker for Williams as he also has his half brother Michael Trigg at USC.

Williams and Trigg have become very close in recent years. I’ve heard that talking and playing together on a daily basis is a big draw. Donte Williams, who is likely to stay on regardless of who gets hired, has also worked on Mykel Williams. Once a new coach is hired, the five-star DE will be given a priority boost and will be sold for the new future for the program. He will eventually stay in class but I can’t say I’m 100 percent confident at this point because I also expect his good friend Christen Miller will try to influence him if he chooses to stay home and sign with Georgia . This will be an exciting time for USC until signing day.


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