Fisco, the League is not going to the Council of Ministers. Draghi: “Serious gesture, understand the implications”. Salvini: “Change method and clarify taxes”

The day after the board elections, which marked the strong catch-up of Brothers of Italy on the League, the feast of Matteo Salvinic is the protagonist of a real case within the executive branch. The ministers of the Carroccio did not participate in the meeting of little cupboard who approved the tax delegation law: inside there is also the review of the land registry. Matter, the latter, indigestible for the leaguers: and in fact already during the control room the minister Massimo Garavaglia – present instead of Giancarlo Giorgetti – had left the table to ask for time for more information. Moreover, he did not return to the government meeting. The reason? “Mr Salvini will explain today or tomorrow,” the prime minister said Mario Draghi at a press conference. And as sources of the Carroccio they had explained to the agencies that they had left the council of ministers for a “matter of method— that is, having received the text of the power of attorney with little advance notice — the Prime Minister was eager to specify that “the exchanges that have taken place over the past few days, in the control room and in several conversations, had provided enough information to determine the contents of the delegation law which, as I said, is very general. These are not commitments that then become difficult to keep: it is a box, a box inspired by certain principles that I believe are widely shared by LeagueThe last part of Draghi’s statement is linked to another information coming from the Liga North: the doubts raised by de Carroccio also have to do with the reporting to the tax authorities.

So what’s the significance of the League’s absence? Could it jeopardize the future of government? “Not necessarily – replies Draghi – this is one” totally different majority, another situation. There are differences of opinion, but the government’s action has continued, has not been interrupted and I think there will be many other opportunities to discuss this law and the delegated decrees in Parliament. It is a serious gesture in itself, but what are its implications, we have to wait for what the League says”. That is what Salvini says, who spoke to the House shortly afterwards. “I trust Draghi, but if in a year’s time there is someone who is also taxing the air, it is not right to give one now.” empty proxy“, is the version of the head of the League. In illustrating the contents of the delegation, the Prime Minister had in fact explained that “on remakes of the land registry there are two completely different decisions: the first is to build one sufficient information base, the second is to decide whether the taxes should be changed and we did not make this decision today. There it takes 5 years“. This is the meaning of Salvini’s sentence: I trust Draghi, but not those who come after. A kind of confession: de Carroccio’s decision on the fiscal delegation is also linked to a whole series of variables. Starting with the future of the executive: Draghi goes to Quirinale and therefore next spring we will return to the mood as he asks Giorgia Melonic? Will the Prime Minister instead remain in Palazzo Chigi until the end of the parliamentary term, as Salvini’s very first statements seemed to suggest yesterday afternoon?

What is certain is that the League secretary’s decision will have the effect of removing the League’s poor administrative performance from the political agenda. And in fact Salvini ups his game against Draghi, the one he “trusts”: “Our ministers told me that in the hallway all the other ministers said ‘you’re right‘. then inside out of hypocrisy he bows his head and raises his hand. We don’t bow our heads when it comes to the Italians’ house and savings.” So why did the League leave the Council of Ministers? Here the head of the Carroccio has dusted off the old method of stick and carrot. Bastone: “I’m not voting there” Tax Delegation because it doesn’t contain what was in the chords. League ministers can’t have it in their hands at 1:30 p.m. for a meeting at 2:00 p.m. the horoscope, it is not possible to have half an hour to analyze the future of the Italians. There’s something to change into operative mode:And again: “There is a hypothesis of a tax increase that the League does not endorse”. Root: “It’s not a government crisis. There is a government that needs to clarify that this is not the time to raise taxes. No cracks, just clarity. At the moment it is not right to increase a tax for an Italian by one euro”.

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