Football Australia to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and indecent assault in women’s football

Football Australia to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and indecent assault in women’s football

Football Australia is launching an independent investigation into its treatment of female footballers after one of the game’s greatest players ever made allegations of abuse within women’s football in Australia, dating back 20 years.

Lisa De Vanna, Australia’s second-highest goalscorer, suggested that during her career she had been a victim of sexual harassment, indecent assault, assault and bullying by older players with incidents since 2001 when she was part of the Young Matildas team. side.

Former Matildas star Lisa De Vanna claims she was a victim of sexual harassment, grooming and bullying throughout her career.Credit:Peter Rae

De Vanna told News Corp that she believed there was a toxic culture within the sport and claimed she was a victim of abuse, claiming to have been sexually harassed by older teammates when she was 17. The Vanna described a series of incidents in team environments, including one where she had to fight against teammates who attacked her.

“I was pulled down from behind and dry-tempered by some of my teammates. I fought myself kicking and screaming from the floor. They thought it was funny,” said De Vanna. “I was just a young kid from Perth, I didn’t know any different. I lost my shit and wanted to hit them.”

The Vanna also described incidents of sexual harassment that occurred during a shower where she claimed to have received unwanted advances from other players. The Sydney Morning Herald and The age asked for comment from De Vanna on Tuesday evening.

On Saturday, De Vanna tweeted about witnessing abuse in women’s football, suggesting she had seen women protecting other women who abused women in the game, as well as organizations protecting coaches and players who abused female players.

Football Australia recently received a complaint from De Vanna and the organization plans to meet the former Matilda again. However, in a statement released Tuesday evening, Football Australia claims that some of the allegations made by De Vanna in the News Corp interview were not included in her complaint.

Football Australia invited other players, coaches, past or present to come forward if they have experienced similar abuse as alleged by De Vanna and confirmed that they have spoken with Sport Integrity Australia ahead of an independent investigation.

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