Investigation closed, three suspects in Luana’s death – Chronicle

The Prato prosecutor has closed the investigation into the death of Luana D’Orazio, the 22-year-old child employee, who was dragged into a machine at the Montemurlo (Prato) textile company she worked for where she died, on 3 May The notice of closure of the investigation was communicated during these hours. The suspects remain the three whose names were already known, namely Luana Coppini, owner of the company, her husband Daniele Faggi who is considered by the investigators to be the de facto manager of the company and the maintenance technician Mario Cusimano. The alleged offenses are manslaughter and the deliberate removal of accident prevention precautions.

Based on what appears from the notice of closure of the investigations, there would be no discrepancies with regard to what is known so far regarding the persons investigated (the same three) and the allegations identified in the investigation. According to the technical checks carried out by the consultant appointed by the Public Prosecutor, the engineer Carlo Gini, the creator of samples, that is, the textile machine for which Luana D’Orazio worked and in which the young worker there died, the security devices turned off. In addition, according to the expert reconstructions ordered by the prosecutor, the accident would have taken place while the same machine was traveling at high speed, a stage in which the protective shutters had to remain lowered for safety reasons and instead would not have been the case.