Jacksonville Jaguars must fire Urban Meyer before he retires

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Jacksonville Jaguars must fire Urban Meyer before he retires

Urban Meyer in hot water again?  Shocking.

Urban Meyer in hot water again? Shocking.
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a mess because Shad Khan is a mess. The only owner of color the NFL has once donated $1 million to Donald Trump and then dared to write an essay on racial and social justice, spent Tuesday morning drafting a statement about the embarrassing and comical mishaps of his 0-4 rookie head coach – Urban Meyer.

“I just apologized to the team and staff for being a distraction,” he said. Meyer said on Monday: about the viral videos and photos of him appearing drunk at a bar entertaining younger women. “It was stupid. So I explained everything that happened. And owned it. And you know, just stupid. I shouldn’t have put myself in such a position.

“The coach should not be a distraction,” Meyer added.

That’s funny.

Meyer has been nothing but a distraction since he took the job as his affinity for making bad decisions has surpassed a trend and become the norm. The list of the things he is already done before this incident was enough to get a woman or black coach fired if they were in the same position.

From publicly admitting players’ vaccination statuses were considered when making cuts to the final roster to hiring a racist force trainer, to the whole Tim Tebow fiasco, to fine themselves and the team for OTA violations, to mind-bending lattice moves, and pissing off his players and coaches, the countless headlines devoted to what Meyer did before he even won an NFL game is ludicrous.

The messages about players don’t like Meyer’s college style with the pros have mutated, as it is now reported that things “can get uglybecause he has lost all credibility in the locker room.

Never forget that this man once gave a course on “Leadership and characterin the state of Ohio.

“We have plenty of evidence about who Urban Meyer is, America,” said Marcus Spears on Monday’s episode of ESPN NFL Live. “We have enough. If you want to explore it yourself, go ahead and do it. I’ve researched it. I’ve talked to people in circles. It’s enough for everyone to understand why Urban Meyer shouldn’t be anyone’s head coach.

“Shad Khan, you on the clock, bro,” continued Spears. “It’s time you found a new head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. And it must start now. Like today.”

When Meyer was a coach in college, he had a double-layered force field that protected him – he won and he was white. In this country, we like to look the other way when you win. And if you sprinkle a dash of white privilege over it, someone like Meyer becomes Teflon. However, 2021 has turned out to be the year that Meyer’s amour has fallen apart before our eyes. He has no points and the offensive genius who has taken Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State to new heights doesn’t know how to unleash Trevor Lawrence.

And since the lack of African-American head coaches in the NFL is a storyline that won’t go away as white coaches with less experience and weaker resumes are hired annually — like Meyer — the fact that he’s the newest college-to-pro coach. the one that fails in the NFL is a red herring.

At the end of his term in Ohio, Meyer was allowed to retire because the school didn’t have enough balls to fire him lying about knowing that one of his trusted assistants was reportedly abusing his wife.

So he used the excuse he always uses when he doesn’t want to work somewhere: health reasons.

“He wants to coach. But physically he can’t coach. He can’t do this anymore,” said Buckeye’s former great and close friend Cris Carter said at the time on FS1.

“It’s well documented down to the cyst in his brain. When he gets irritated or angry. When he gets into coaching mode it becomes very, if not nearly impossible for him to coach because the cyst begins to leak fluid, which doesn’t lead to migraines, but to splitting headaches.”

Before returning to the sidelines in Jacksonville, Meyer was an analyst for FOX Sports and was very good at it. He had found his niche and his ‘health problems’ seemed to be no longer a problem. But in the end his ego got the best of him and he couldn’t turn down the call from Shad Khan and the Jaguars.

Now one more call must be made – one in which Khan calls Meyer to let him know he has been fired. He shouldn’t get the satisfaction of quitting like he has in the past, making it easier to go back to FOX Sports, or ESPN, or any other school that might be interested in him — Stay out, USC. By firing Urban Meyer, the football world will be forced to finally see him for who he really is. An ordinary liar who will tell his players “to do as I say, not as I do” while winning a lot of matches on Saturday because he is unfit to coach on Sunday.


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