Latest martial arts news including Usyk and Joshua

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In recent months, fans have been blessed with a handful of exciting boxing and MMA events.

Fortunately, the pandemic is slowing down, so boxers are hitting the ring again. The UFC hosts some of its best events in years. Boxing hasn’t slowed down either. What has happened in the martial arts world in recent months? Below, readers will find out the latest news from the martial arts world.

Oleksandra Usyk Dominating JoshuAn

After a fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury fell through, Joshua took on Oleksandr Usyk. Most knew that the Ukrainian boxer was good. Few, however, suspected that he would win the match. He had everything against him, including moving from cruiserweight to heavyweight. In addition, the boxer took on Joshua on his property. Still, Usy wouldn’t be overwhelmed by Anthony Joshua or the crowd. The 34-year-old boxer put in a dominant performance by stamping Joshua from bell to bell. Joshua took a few rounds halfway through the fight but looked like a broken man after the fight was over.

There is no doubt that Usyk is one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world. The Cat has 19 wins and 0 losses. He was won 13 times by KO. Joshua had expressed interest in a rematch. Yet few believe he can defeat Usyk. During the first fight, Usyk was too dominant. He will probably do it again. He will probably be the gambling favorite on instant web slots and other web sites.

Volkanovsky Brutalize Brian Ortega

In addition to the Usyk match, UFC 266 also took place over the weekend. The PPV event included a featherweight showdown between champ Alexander Volkanovski and challenge Brian Ortega. Most people expected the match to be competitive. Yet no one knew it would be this good. The fight is arguably one of the best in UFC history, although it was mainly dominated by the champion. From the first bell, Alexander picked up the pace and bombarded his opponent with devastating blows. Halfway through the fight, Volkanovski was knocked to the ground and Ortega quickly tried to subdue him.

Although the entry was tight, the champion refused to lose. He broke out of submission and brutally defeated his opponent. The beating was so bad that Ortega barely got up after the third round. Unfortunately, the referee and doctors refused to stop the fight, so Ortega took two more rounds of unnecessary punishment. In the end, the champion retained his title with a brutal victory over Brian Ortega.

Shevchenko dominates

UFC 266 had two title fights. The first title fight of the evening was a flyweight bout between challenge Lauren Murphy and champion Valentina Shevchenko. Many believed that the champion would dominate her opponent. She did. Lauren Murphy looks like a fish out of water from the start. She refused to punch or go for takedowns. Many will agree that the American fighter from Anchorage never fought. She looks like she came to lose, and she did. The 38-year-old never made it to the start and was eventually stopped in the 4e round.

While it was another win for the champion, it wasn’t impressive. After all, her opponent wasn’t there to fight.

The return By Nick Diazo

What was the UFC thinking when it added Nick Diaz to the UFC 266 lineup? While it seemed like a good idea on paper, it wasn’t. It was clear from the start that Diaz hadn’t trained for the competition. From the start, Diaz looked out of shape and unprepared for the fight. Although his boxing was clear, his gas tank was empty after two rounds. As for Robbie Lawler, he is always in shape and wouldn’t let Diaz walk all over him. Unfortunately, Nick Diaz’s return was a major disappointment.

The Stockton fighter was not interested in winning the fight. The UFC must have known this when it saw Diaz before the fight. After the fight, Nick’s friend Jake Shields claimed that Nick was in a rush to return. It was clear he wasn’t ready to fight. The competition was not good. Most fans agree that Diaz should retire. Still, there’s always a chance he would have performed better had he trained for a few more weeks.

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