Leafs brought seven players to the AHL, including Nick Robertson

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced via their PR account this afternoon that the team has assigned seven players to their AHL affiliate, the Toronto Marlies.

There are no surprises on that list; as with any training camp, the cuts the team really needs to think about don’t come until the end. By far the most familiar name to Leaf fans is young sniper Nick Robertson, but the sheer number of NHL strikers under contract before him gave him almost no chance to get the team started on the season. He’s also just turned 20, so you’re in no rush.

The Leafs have a pre-season game against the Montreal Canadiens tonight at 7:00 PM; they close their preseason on Friday, against the Ottawa Senators. You can expect more cuts between now and then as the team slims down to its opening night roster. Cherish this opportunity to see Semyon Der-Arguchintsev.

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