Newspaper reveals Mohamed Salah’s condition to extend his contract with Liverpool


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British media announced the financial demands of Egyptian player Mohamed Salah to extend his contract with Liverpool.

And the British newspaper The Independent said that “Mohamed Salah demanded a salary of between 300 and 380 thousand pounds a week”, stressing that the problem now is that the player has reached the age of twenty-nine, so it would conflict with to the football rules regarding the award of major contracts upon reaching the age of twenty-nine. Players in their thirties.

And the newspaper added: “This does not mean Salah is now withdrawing,” citing the old facts that say the late 1920s represent the player’s peak.

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah’s contract expires in June 2023 and he has so far scored more goals in the season (2021-22) than any other player in the Premier League, according to Opta’s stats network.

Last Sunday, English club Liverpool celebrated Mohamed Salah, and the club’s official Facebook account wrote in Salah’s honour: “What a great man! The King has everyone’s heart when he – his beloved – dances football.”

Phil Foden scored for Manchester City in the 69th minute and Kevin De Bruyne in the 81st minute to equalize the two teams and give each of them a point. Liverpool are in second place with 15 points, Manchester City are in third place with 14 points, with Chelsea leading the table.

Despite the draw, everyone celebrated Salah’s goal, especially as he reached the sixth goal this season, equal to Leicester City striker Jimmy Vardy and superior to West Ham United striker Antonio, to battle it out for the Premier League’s top goalscorer this season during the seventh round of the competition.

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