NFL Stadium Facts: Loudest, Most Expensive, Cheapest Match Day & More

SoFi Stadium is an NFL record holder. Ramblin’ Fan’s photo.

In between regular season games, fans often think about a variety of topics. Maybe it’s wondering who has the best NFL crowd, maybe they’re looking for interesting facts about the NFL stadium.

NFL Stadium Facts

Football crowds are partisan. Franchises have their own traditions. Some NFL stadiums have broken sound records, while attendance elsewhere is often a point of contention.

NFL stadium home field advantage varies from state to state, fanbase to fanbase. Visiting Lambeau Field in the snow is not the same as a sunny Sunday at SoFi Stadium. That goes without saying, of course, but what else is there to know about NFL stadiums?

Let’s take a look at some facts about the NFL stadium, including price, capacity, and decibels.

Largest NFL Stadium – MetLife Stadium

With 82,500 fans, MetLife Stadium has the largest capacity of any NFL venue. Home to the New York Giants and New York Jets, MetLife is often sold out and is on the bucket list of many football fans.

It is closely followed in this category by Washington Football Team’s FedEx Field, which comes in at 82,000.

The iconic Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, can accommodate more than 81,000 fans. It is also the second oldest stadium in the league as of 2021.

Most Expensive NFL Stadium – SoFi Stadium

At an eye-watering price of $5.5 billion, SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles is not only the most expensive stadium in the NFL. It is the most expensive stadium in the world, and by an absolute mile in fact.

The 4K HDR video board, which weighs 2.2 million pounds with a 70,000-square-foot display area, was only part of the cost for this state-of-the-art sports venue. SoFi Stadium is ahead of many of its NFL peers, but that’s exactly what you’d expect for such a grotesque outlay.

It was fanless in 2020. The crowd has returned in large numbers for 2021, ready to experience SoFi, a venue that will feature in NFL stadium events for decades to come.

Loudest NFL Stadium – Arrowhead Stadium

The crowd at Arrowhead has always been deafening. The devoutly loyal Chiefs have had plenty to cheer about in recent seasons with Super Bowl trips and Patrick Mahomes producing magic on a weekly basis.

Seattle’s CenturyLink Field and Arrowhead have agreed on the honor of being the NFL’s loudest stadium. The Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans has also pushed the top two in this category of NFL stadium facts.

Arrowhead, however, remains the atmosphere king. There are many loud nights to come in Kansas City.

Cheapest NFL Game Day – Paul Brown Stadium

Fan Cost Index claims that a family of four can enjoy a day out at the Bengals’ Paul Brown Stadium for under $425. Compared to the Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas, that’s about half the price of tickets, parking , drinks and hot dogs.

Cincinnati has been on the wrong side of the NFL spot for the past few years. While Joe Burrow wants to change the franchise’s fortunes, the quality of the football matches the low prices. The Bengals have not progressed beyond the wildcard round since 1990.

It can’t replicate a day out at the game, but watching the NFL on TV will give you a taste of each of these locations.

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