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Florence, October 5, 2021 – Rassoul Bissoultanov, charged with the murder of Niccolò Ciatti in a nightclub in Lloret de Mar, was handed over to Italy as part of the trial for the death of the young Florentine, who was on holiday in Spain and who was brutally assaulted at a nightclub in the well-known seaside resort. In a note, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that Germany has handed over Bissoultanov to Italy.

«De Farnesina – we read – is very satisfied with the decision of the German judicial authorities concerning the surrender to the Italian authorities of the Russian citizen of Chechen descent Rassoul Bissoultanov, who is held responsible for the brutal murder of young compatriot Niccolò Ciatti, which took place in Spain on 13 August 2017″.

The surrender authorization follows a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Rome in 2020, on the basis of which the German authorities proceeded to arrest the Russian citizen on their territory on 3 August.

«The constant contacts of the embassies a Berlin and Madrid with their respective local authorities they have made it possible to achieve this important result, which is fundamental to prevent the accused from escaping justice”, concludes the note from the Farnesina.

Rassoul Bissoultanov, the murderer of Niccolò

The phases of the story

  1. Niccolò Ciatti, 22, was killed on the night of August 12-13, 2017, with a kick to the head at a nightclub in Lloret de Mar, Spain, where he was on holiday with his group of friends.
  2. Three Chechens are immediately caught, but only one remains in prison: it is Rassoul Bissoultanov, a fighter of MMA, a martial art that is fought in the ring. He is the son of political refugees living in Strasbourg, France.
  3. Last June, the Chechen was released with a view to the expiry of the terms of preventive detention. On November 26, the trial begins in Girona, in which Rassoul is charged with murder in competition with a second Chechen.
  4. On 3 August, while semi-free, he was caught in Germany and arrested again for a European arrest warrant issued by Italy. He has now been extradited, as requested by our authorities.

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