Raiders coach Jon Gruden struggles to understand SoFi Stadium

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The Las Vegas Raiders were rocked by the LA Chargers, 28-14 on Monday Night Football, but it was also external factors surrounding the game that got a lot of attention. If you ask Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, the weather delay that pushed back the opening kick-off by 35 minutes and the maze-like locker room at the SoFi stadium was too much for Chucky to handle.

“I’ve never had an indoor stadium with a lightning delay”, Gruden told reporters after the game.

At some point I’m sure Coach Gruden has experienced some sort of weather delay in all his years of coaching. Yeah, the fact that it happened in an indoor stadium is a little odd. But SoFi is classified as an open air stadium because its sides are open. Please, coach, an explanation of the stadium.

Gruden was also stunned by the layout of the dressing room for the visitors in the opulent new stadium.

“You know, the dressing room here is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. ‘You can’t see anyone. It’s like a maze.

“So, you know, whoever screwed up this visiting dressing room, I’d like to meet this guy to see what his, er, what his idea was.”

I’m sure it was the bizarre arrangement of the locker rooms that resulted in the Raiders putting in a total of zero yards in the first 15 minutes of the game. The Raiders went through an entire quarter without gaining a foot. Zero points, zero yards in the first quarter are embarrassing. It’s even more problematic when your coach is considered a quarterback guru, an offensive mastermind, but can’t figure out how to advance his team for a full quarter of football.

utilities, that is confusing.

Of course, players have to perform their actions, but the coaching staff has to find a way to put those players in the right positions to perform them. Gruden and his staff absolutely failed to do that on Monday evening in the first quarter.

The Chargers also eliminated the Raiders in the first half of this game. The final score for Las Vegas was 213 total yards offensively. That was about three quarters of the way through. I wouldn’t even call that a pedestrian. I would say it’s damn pathetic. Especially after the way the Raiders had rolled through the first three weeks of the season. Much credit must be given to the Chargers and their defenses, but Gruden takes a lot of blame in his path.

The Raiders managed to fight back in the second half to add a bit of intrigue for about half an hour, but overall this was just a bad night for Gruden and his crew. They could barely get Darren Waller involved, and once the Raiders did, he was flagged for a silly bully sentence. We already get it; you are the No Fun League. Let’s move on with our lives and put an end to this madness.

Hopefully Raiders fans won’t witness another downward spiral like we’ve seen in this team’s past after a warm start. The Raiders will be back home in Week 5 in Las Vegas, facing the Chicago Bears. Luckily for Gruden, he doesn’t have to worry about a crazy new locker room design or funky weather delays.


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