Real Madrid president evades date of possibility of ending Mbappe deal

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez expressed his hope that Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe could reach a settlement in January before withdrawing his words.

“We will have news about Mbappe in January. We hope that by January 1, the matter will be resolved,” Peres said on Tuesday during a visit to the new media outlet “El Debaty”.

However, Peres quickly clarified his statements in an interview with Radio Monte Carlo a few hours later by saying: “My words (to El Debaty) were conveyed in the wrong way. What I said, that we have to wait for the news next year, and this in the context of the respect we have for Paris Saint-Germain and the relationship The bond that binds us to him.

Peres’s statements come after Spain’s capital club Saint-Germain made a €180 million offer to acquire Mbappe’s services in the summer, but the French club has rejected the offer. The 22-year-old Mbappe can therefore negotiate with any club that wants to use his services from the beginning of 2022, as his contract with the French capital expires on June 30.

Mbappe had made press statements to Radio Monte Carlo yesterday and Tuesday to the sports newspaper “L’Equipe”, confirming that he had informed his club of his desire to leave early in the summer and told the first Method “My position was clear to leave. I said this and informed the management of the club early on. I wanted Saint-Germain to be compensated for my transfer to find a world-class replacement.”

However, Mbappe remained ambiguous when he told L’Equipe whether he still wanted to move to another club at the end of his contract. If I had been told that Messi would play for Paris Saint-Germain I would not have believed it so we know not what could happen.”


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