Release of the first clip of HBO Max The Suicide Squad Peacemaker

The Peacemaker tries to pretend to be a normal person at dinner.

John Cena as Honorary Peacemaker.
screenshot: HBO Max

in a HBO Max Upcoming peace maker Follow James Gunn suicide squadHe is a sociopath who sees himself as a savior Commissioned by the US government To become the kind of superhero that people should be looking for. But if people knew what kind of person John Cena’s peacemaker was in fact, they wouldn’t want anything to do with him at all, mainly because of his bloodthirstiness, but also because he’s just kind of a dweeb.

only weeks from peace makerPremiering on HBO Max, the studio dropped the first proper clip of the show that reintroduced the Peacemaker into the picture, as well as defining what kind of dynamic he’ll have with his various allies. In the new clip, the Peacemaker pulls into a restaurant ready for… Action (in theory) in his full ranger uniform although he was only meant to meet the people he works with for casual conversation. For the Peacemaker, it’s totally normal for people to walk around with bald eagles chilling in their back seats. But for Bill Reeve, John Economos (Steve Agee), NSA Agent Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), and Task Force X members Liotta Adebayo (Daniel Brooks) and Clement Morne (Chuckwoodie Uji), the bird alone is a clear sign that the Peacemaker Crazy, and that being his mate would be crazy.

Although you got a mild taste of peace makerThe sense of humor from the clip, it’s a light in the way of the series’ plot or any glimpses of action, both of which will work on how well the show – one of DCEU’s first big spin-offs – will work with audiences. Due to Gunn’s involvement in peace maker And the effectiveness of the personality at work suicide squadDespite this, there is a strong chance that this will be one of the most interesting new projects that start the new year when peace maker HBO Max hits in January.

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