sen. Lindsey Graham harassed by GOP public over COVID-19 vaccine

sen. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham was reportedly booed by a Republican public after telling them to consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The bickering in Summerville began after the Republican senator told opponents they were considering shooting the footage. according to to The Daily Beast.

“Well, I’m glad I got it. Ninety-two percent of people in hospitals in South Carolina have not been vaccinated,” he said Saturday, prompting the crowd to “False!” called out. and “Not true!”

Graham, 66, assured the crowd that he did not support mandating the shots, The Daily Beast reported.

But the public turned against him when, in conversation with a civilian Navy employee, he noted that many people were being vaccinated against other diseases.

“How many of you have taken measles shots?” said Mr. Graham, leading to more booing and yelling of, “It’s not the same!”

Republicans like Mr. Graham have generally spoken in support of the health benefits of COVID-19 vaccines, which were rapidly developed under former President Trump and largely administered under the Biden administration.

Mr Graham’s experience reflects polls showing Conservatives are among the most skeptical shots.

Holdouts often cite the “novelty” of the vaccines, which use messenger RNA to teach the body to recognize the virus. Some wonder if there could be long-term side effects that society is not yet aware of.

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