She dies overwhelmed by the collapsed wall: Calenzano, tragedy in the street – Chronicle

Calenzano (Florence), October 5, 2021 – Despite this she passed away every attempt to save her. She died in hospital in careggi the woman who happens to he noticed he was passing from the street where, in the morning of Tuesday, October 5, a long section of a wall collapsed: sixty meters of rubble and bricks pouring into the street. A collapse has occurred all of a sudden, maybe due to bad weather of the last period, perhaps due to the repetition of vibrations. But it will now be an investigation to shed light on the causes of the collapse. The woman was literally buried under the rubble. She seemed very serious right away. Death in the afternoon.

The tragedy took place in via Dietro Poggio, in the back part of Villa Peragallo. The victim he was 49 years old. The alarm was given by other passers-by, who saw the wall collapse. The wall is privately owned. The woman was on foot at the time of the collapse. Via Dietro Poggio is popular with cyclists and people walking in that area.

It was recently opened to car traffic due to traffic problems in the area. Could it be the vibrations that weakened the structure of the wall? Or was it water infiltration due to bad weather? Several hypotheses are being worked on. At the scene of the accident, in addition to ambulance 118, the Pegaso helicopter also intervened, as a result of which the woman was quickly transferred to hospital. The plane had landed at a roundabout on the Barberinese road.

An absurd tragedy that happened by chance.

“We are deeply saddened by this news. We express our sincere condolences and closeness to the family”. mayor Riccardo Prestinic extends its condolences to the family of the woman involved in the collapse of the wall in Dietropoggio. “Pending confirmation on the causes of the collapse – said the mayor – we are contacting the owners of the land and the wall, who in the United States, to notify the seizure of the area and order the safety of the remaining part of the wall”. The road was closed to traffic.

“A tragedy predicted – says the alderman Americo d’Elia, from the Mixed Group – The Walls from Villa Peragallo have been reported several times, even those leading to the castle in Calenzano alto. I myself sent a letter to the municipality to provide the security measures and we even discussed it several times in the city council.” But, says D’Elia, nothing has been done about it.

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