The dive and the crash: the last seconds of the plane crashed in Milan

There are still many obscure points of the plane crash on sunday 3 october, when a private flight took off from Milan Linate airport en route to Sardinia, Olbia airport, it crashed 3 minutes after departure. The budget was 8 victims but it could have been much more serious if the plane had not hit a building under renovation, on a public holiday and thus empty, but the nearby metro station or a parking garage that is almost close. In these hours, a video was released, taken from Milan’s eastern ring road, which passes a short distance from the impact point, which immortalized the last two seconds of the flight before it crashed.

The images are very low resolution, the researchers are working to clean the frames and collect as much detail as possible to combine with what comes out of the black box for rebuild as accurately and precisely as possible the 3-minute flight of the Pilate PC-12. Some witnesses had reported seeing a trail of flames and smoke coming out of the plane before it hit the building, but while the video isn’t particularly clean, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that there was a fire before the crash.

In the short succession of frames we see the plane descending at an angle of almost 90 degrees to the ground, at a very high speed, and only at the last moment does it seem to lift its nose slightly, perhaps at the last extreme pilot’s attempt. repair the aircraft, now destined for Crash. It is only a matter of moments before a fireball and a thick column of smoke arise.

The hypothesis offire on board before the crash was considered unlikely by investigators from the outset, as the aircraft had just taken off and the tank, 3 minutes from departure, was still full. If the flames had developed, it is highly likely that the aircraft would have exploded in flight before arriving at the crash. Furthermore, in the case of an engine block, an aircraft can glide using lift unless it reaches the booth. The most likely hypothesis at this point is that of a blindness of the pilot who, once he landed in the clouds overlooking Milan that day, lost his way. It will be the black box and the images from the surveillance cameras and witnesses that will reveal the truth.

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