The Movement disappoints with the municipalities. And Virginia Raggi turns out to be a bad strategist

Lined up, the facts leave no room for doubt: the result of the Cinquestelle is many disappointing albeit in line with forecasts. This second consideration is the most insidious to the Movement. Because if it is true that the administrative vote has never rewarded them, except for what happened five years ago and which seems to be already the last century, it is also certain that to fall below the threshold of survival, as the figure of Milan and other major cities it is unimaginable.

Fact number two: it’s the movement that needs Giuseppe Contea more than the former Prime Minister of the Movement. This second truth is confirmed by the squares that filled up because he was there. However, the Count effect will not last forever and will cost the Cinquestelle deep review of his own identity, questioning his impartiality, giving up any ambition to gain only a majority and indeed taking the path of an alliance with the Democratic Party in which it seems to hold the cards.

Are they high costs? There is no doubt. Is it a sustainable cost? Apparently it doesn’t seem. And there it comes in Virginia Raggic.

Fact number three: the mayor of Rome has proven to be a great character, but also to be one bad strategist. His farewell speech, shall we say, was imbued with a… resentment that it sometimes seemed far beyond hostility, precisely towards her own companions in adventure, far from her politically and physically (Conte, Di Maio and Fico celebrated the victory of their candidate, Gaetano Manfredi in Naples).

However, Rays spoke as if she had won a battle by changing reality: in fact, she lost and unfortunately for her, she also lost heavily. Outgoing mayor and fourth of four accredited, last of the strongest. More than thirty points less, thousands of votes burned and above all his idea razed to the ground that Rome was disputable.

Raggi is a strong woman and I have no doubt that she is committed to the spasm to give the best of herself. But Rome has not seen this best and indeed fought against it. Rome, in the majority, was hostile to her. Unlike Turin, which seemed to be governed with more security and availability, but true Chiara Pendants, the outgoing mayor, refused to apply again.

Two choices that exposed the movement to the obligation to be defeated on both fronts. And to say, as Raggi explained, that the voters are not “grazing herds,” but immediately before and immediately after she explains that those votes are hers alone, as if she really owned them, is a contradiction logical and formal. And even more so the evil use of the first person singular in a movement that should have us as a common horizon smells like revenge.

Raggi can certainly deny Gualtieri any support, even more: he can contradict to appeal to the line of Giuseppe Conte and perhaps the internal opposition and be its leader. But it becomes a race to oblivion.

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