The pick Collingwood wants to use, but is it enough?

The pick Collingwood wants to use, but is it enough?

COLLINGWOOD is eager to use pick 58 to land his next trade target, Patrick Lipinski, after securing Nathan Kreuger of Geelong for a pick slide on Tuesday.

The Pies have been busy kicking off the Continental Tires AFL Trade Period, which included a major pick swap with Gold Coast on Monday and then trade Kreuger in a deal with Geelong the following day.

They secured Choice 58 as one of the Suns’ rosters and would like to use that in a deal for Lipinski, although the Western Bulldogs are expected to want more for the talented midfielder.

Collingwood and the Dogs have had initial talks over a trade for the 23-year-old, with the Pies hoping to use one of their later picks to secure the 56-year-old.

The Bulldogs offered Lipinski a three-year contract to stay with the club before officially soliciting a trade with the Magpies at the end of the dog season. He played 11 games for the club this year, including several as a medical substitute.

The Dogs are in talks with a number of clubs to exchange pick No. 17 for more concept points to ensure they can cover a potential top three bid for father-son prospect Sam Darcy and as such they will be a point keep an eye on.

Lipinski was unable to break through to the Dogs’ stacked first-choice midfield, and the Pies saw him as a strong option to complement their youth-led build under new coach Craig McRae.

INDICATIVE DESIGN ORDER Your club’s choices as they are

The Pies picked up Marking forward Kreuger and also scored pick 55 from the Cats, while relinquishing pick 41 in a deal that still left them with enough draft points to match a number 1 pick bid for father-son pistol Nick Daicos.

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