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Two investigations into the plane crash were opened on Sunday, October 3 in San Donato on the outskirts of Milan. ANSV, the National Flight Safety Agency, has opened a safety investigation and ordered an investigator to be sent to the accident site. Investigators will also participate in the investigation from Romania, Switzerland and Canada, namely the countries of registration of the crashed aircraft, the construction of the aircraft and the construction of the engine. Milan prosecutor investigates plane crash. We study the videos from the surveillance cameras of the ATM parking lot at the metro stop, as well as some videos taken by passers-by and at the parking lot where the impact took place. Detectives also confiscated radio conversations with the Linate control tower.

In addition to the early southwest turn, justified as “minor deviation”, we try to understand a small deviation from the flight plan, perhaps due to bad weather, if a few seconds later, Petrescu asked for a “carrier”, or rather a procedure to return Linate private planes to the runway, a complicated maneuver. The Mayday never happened and it is precisely this element that casts doubt on the hypothesis of the malfunction: in the event of a burning engine or other technical problems, the first thing a driver, even inexperienced, is to clear the track for re-entry. entry. : didn’t happen.

In the crash, the Petrescu family (a nucleus extended to include his copilot wife Regina Dorothea Petrescu Balzat, his son Dan Stefan Petrescu and his partner, Quebec lawyer Julien Brossard) and the friends with whom they had arrived in Milan on Sept. celebrate the baptism of Raphael Nascimbene: parents Filippo and Claire Stephanie Caroline Alexandrescou and grandmother Miruna Anca Wanda Lozinschi. From the scant data available so far, it appears that the solid Pratt & Witney engine fitted to the Pilatus stalled, likely due to an incorrect pilot maneuver. The plane arrived in Milan on Thursday from Romania. At the Milan airport there are no maintenance or refueling of kerosene.


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