Trial year and training for new hires: 50 hours confirmed, visits to innovative schools for 3000 teachers return. NOTE Ministry

Note 30345 of October 4, issued with the indications about the training and testing period for newly recruited teachers and for teachers who have been given the job change. The duration of the course is confirmed in a total of 50 hours and the opportunity to visit innovative schools is restored

The breakdown of the total number of hours

Activities of newly hired teachers

First and last return meetings

The time spent on the first and last meeting is a total of 6 hours.

Training workshops

A total of 12 hours of training: the workshops can take place face to face or online.

Specific themes for this year:

  • initiatives and measures related to the management of educational institutions in the pandemic emergency;
  • digital teaching methods and technologies and their integration into the curriculum;
  • digital skills of teachers;
  • social inclusion and intercultural dynamics;
  • class management and relational dynamics, with a special focus on the prevention of violence, bullying and discrimination;
  • interpersonal skills and transversal skills (soft skills and character skills);
  • special educational needs;
  • motivate students to learn;
  • innovation of the teaching of the disciplines;
  • civic education education and its integration into the curriculum;
  • final evaluation of learning;
  • Pathways for transversal skills and orientation;
  • sustainable education and ecological transition, with particular reference to the “School Regeneration” Plan presented in 2020-2021.

Visits to innovative schools

Visits to innovative schools are back for up to 3000 teachers as indicated in the table accompanying the note

Peer-to-peer activities, guidance and the role of teachers and school managers

With regard to observation in the classroom, the provisions of art. 9 of Ministerial Decree 850/2015. The activity to be performed at school is equal to 12 hours.

Each teacher is supported by a reference teacher during a trial period. The relationship should not exceed the quota of three teachers entrusted to the same tutor.

It is the school management that appoints the teachers.

Indire platform

The opening of the online environment prepared by INDIRE will take place by October 2021. Online activities correspond to a fixed rate of 20 hours of commitment.

Who should conduct the trial and training period?

According to the provisions of Article 2, first paragraph, of Ministerial Decree 850/2015, all teachers are obliged to attend the training and testing period:

  • new employees for an indefinite period of time in the first year of service;
  • employed for an indefinite period in previous years for which an extension of the training and probationary period has been requested or who have not been able to complete it;
  • staff who have to repeat the training and trial period in the event of a negative evaluation;
  • staff who have been given the role change;
  • newly recruited personnel in positions as referred to in art. 59, paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 73/2021 transposed with amendments by Law 106/2021, with subsequent disciplinary test in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree 242/2021. If the staff has already successfully completed the training and testing period in the same order and grade, the disciplinary test as referred to in the aforementioned paragraph 7 of Legislative Decree 73/2021 will in any case be subjected to.

Teachers are not required to complete the trial period:

  • who have already completed the training and trial period or the FIT trajectory in accordance with DDG 85/2018 to the same degree of new entry into the position;
  • who have obtained the return to a previous position in which they have already completed the training and trial period or the FIT trajectory in accordance with DDG 85/2018;
  • already placed in the position with reserve, who have successfully completed the training and probation year or the FIT trajectory in accordance with DDG 85/2018 and are being recruited again for the same degree;
  • who have been transferred from a regular post to a support position and vice versa within the same rank;
  • who have passed the passage of professorship in the same order and class.


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