UAE Passport Re-Ranked as World’s Strongest Passport

Rejoice, citizens of the United Arab Emirates! Your UAE Passport is once again the best and strongest in the world! Arton Capital announced The Global Passport Index. The ranking takes into account the mobility score of a particular country’s passport.

The UAE’s passport was first voted the strongest in 2018, dubbed “The Year of Zayed”. It stayed at the top throughout 2019 but dropped back to rank 14 in the year 2020. However, it is back at the top again in the year 2021!

This is good news for those who also want to become a citizen of the UAE. The UAE has recently relaxed its citizenship laws, offering citizenship to investors, professionals, special talents and their families under certain circumstances.

How strong is the UAE passport?

The UAE passport gives its citizens access to 152 countries. Out of these 152 countries, 98 UAE citizens offer visa-free entry, 54 countries offer visas on arrival, and about 46 countries require a visa before entering the country. This is an impeccable record.

What are the other countries on the list?

The UAE passport is followed by the New Zealand passport on this list. New Zealand ranks second on the Global Passport Index. It offers the Kiwis access to 146 countries.

Countries such as Germany, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia followed New Zealand’s passports and gave their citizens access to 144 countries.

In the Middle East, the UAE was followed by Israel, which ranks 17th worldwide. Israeli citizens have visa-free entry to 89 countries and Israelites receive a visa on arrival in 37 countries. Furthermore, 72 countries require a visa before entering the country.

Qatar has the second strongest passport in the Arabian Peninsula. Meanwhile, it has the third strongest in the entire Middle East. Qatari residents can travel to 52 countries visa-free. They also receive visa on arrival in 39 countries. Although they still require prior visas to enter 107 countries.

This is great news for both current and future citizens as it opens up opportunities and recreation for them without having to worry about red tape.

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