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(CBS DETROIT)– Before Salvation Army volunteers take to the streets and ring the bells for the Red Cauldron Christmas campaign, some preparation is needed.

“Today they’re painting those kettle stands, they’re painting those kettles, they’re putting new covers on the plates, and so we’re getting ready to kick off our Red Kettle bell season,” the Eastern Salvation Army division commander said. Michigan Division, Lieutenant Colonel John Turner.

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Turner says they couldn’t do it without the dedicated volunteers. Pam Callan is going to volunteer for her 5th season and says she looks forward to this every year.

“I’m counting down the days until they actually open registration and I can check my schedule and get my days into it,” said Salvation Army Red Kettle volunteer Pam Callan.

The theme of this year’s Red Kettle campaign is ‘Hope Marches On’. Organizers want to spread hope among families struggling to make ends meet. Their fundraising goal for the season is $8.3 million.

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“Helping people to stay in their homes is providing them with food, helping them meet their needs, whatever those needs may be,” Turner said.

Turner says that while the money is being raised over the Christmas season, the need doesn’t go away after the holidays, and the money raised is being used to help thousands of people in the metro area year round, especially during our current crisis.

“Through this pandemic, even in the wake of the pandemic, we want to stand with them and provide hope for them,” Turner said.

To raise awareness and encourage the community to donate, the nonprofit is welcoming Herman Moore and David Lewis as the public faces for the Red Kettle Christmas campaign of Metro Detroit’s Salvation Army. Moore, founder and CEO of Team 84 and president of Tackle Life Foundation, chaired the Red Kettle Christmas 2020 campaign. Lewis, president of AT&T Michigan, served in 2019. This year, Moore and Lewis have generously offered to return as co-chairs of the Christmas campaign.

Metro Detroiters can also volunteer to provide hope through a donation. A sustainable donation of $25 per month helps hard-working families avoid homelessness. Hope marches on:

• GIFT SMS to 24365

•Donate money via an online kettle, Paypal, Venmo or physical red kettle

•Donate certificate

• Volunteer as a virtual or personal caller on registertoring.com

•Visit Salmich.org

• Call 877-SAL-MICH

Individuals and families can sign up as volunteer whistleblowers by visiting registertoring.com where they have an option to opt for a traditional two-hour session at a physical red cauldron location or to join a virtual clock service where they can raise money in the comfort of their own home. Virtual whistleblowers can sign up and raise money at any time, while traditional whistleblowing begins on Friday, November 12 and runs through Friday, December 24, excluding Thanksgiving and Sundays.

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